We are indeed pleased that you have taken your time to learn about us. Mountain Top Adult Day Center (MTADC) is locally operated and owned by Dr. Carolyn Kennedy. Located in the Capital City of Columbia South Carolina.  MTADC was started in hope of give elders, special need people, and the at-risk population a home like environment away from home. Dr. Kennedy’s love and devotion for those at risk is because of her Special Need Angel Natasha. She has taught her the meaning of Love.




I have the type of Love that God has for each of us. Special Need Children are not perfect and neither are we. God has patience; he allows us to make many mistakes and yet gives us another chance. God loves us when we don’t Love ourselves or others. He is gentle with all his children. His hands are stretched wide to lift you up when you are down and depressed.  God’s shoulders are broad to carry the burdens of this world.  Yes, I see as God sees. He sees ignorance, cruelty, and prejudice among the people who have not patience for each other. Having a Special Need Child teaches you all the Characteristics of God, patience, kindness, understanding, caring, and most of all LOVE.drkenn                                                                                      -Dr. Kennedy